Films that mark friendship

Today we bring you some movies in which friendship plays a relevant role. Take the opportunity for children to see some of these movies in the company of their best friends. a good friendship is not only good for your health but also for your life, for more information go to this website azadright.

Lilo & Stich

In Lilo & Stich, a being of endearing aspect, he arrives at the earth escaping from the police of his planet. While Lilo, a Hawaiian girl who lives with her sister, wishes with all her soul to have a friend with whom to share their experiences, so they decide to go to the kennel and adopt a dog, there will have a crush on Stich who has become in dog to go unnoticed by the police of your planet. Lilo teaches Stich in his stay on earth the true meaning of friendship and family, so deeply rooted in him.

Premiere: July 5, 2002

Studios: Walt Disney Pictures

She was nominated for the Oscars as best animated feature film.

Toy Story

One of the most successful animated films is the Toy Story trilogy, since the most remarkable thing is the value of friendship (both between toys and with Andy, the owner); where the characters come together and never leave. In this film you see how teamwork helps you in an easier way to achieve your dreams.

Premiere: November 22, 1995

Studios: Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar

Curiosities and anecdotes: The idea for the name of Buzz comes from astronaut Buzz Aldrin, and Woody’s from a family actor of John Ford, Woody Strode.

Monsters S.A

This film shows us many emotions, such as affection, fear, friendship, envy, etc. Through some fun and endearing characters (James P. “Sulley” Sullivan, Mike Wazowski and Boo), the youngest of the house, will discover very important values and understand the importance of not getting carried away by fears, the value of others not because of their appearance or because of the ideas we have of them without reason.


Premiere: February 8, 2002


Studios: Pixar Animation Studios


Curiosities and anecdotes: Monsters S.A was the fourth film made between the couple Pixar and Disney.

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