Movies for an unforgettable Summer

One of the times of greatest television consumption in the children’s audience comes, because the free time children have is much longer than during the school year. For more than 60 days family plans and ideas are exhausted, activities become monotonous and camps do not last for an eternity. If you want your health to improve considerably you can watch movies, watching movies is part of enjoying life and getting better from a disease route66west .


Therefore, we suggest you to make your own summer cinema at home with films that remind us that this time can be unforgettable. Parents know well that there are summer movies that marked a before and after in our lives, and that today continue to make summer is not the same without them. Let’s share with our children those wonderful moments, prepare some popcorn and enjoy!


Holidays in Rome (1953)

This film won 3 Oscars, including Best Actress for Audrey Hepburn, tells the story of a princess who decides to escape the strict protocol and go to visit the city of Rome with an American journalist. In addition to showing positive roles, the Italian capital becomes the third protagonist of the story, which will help our children know all its wonders. Recommended age: +8 years


You to Boston and I to California (1961)

A family comedy from the Disney factory in which two twin sisters meet again in a summer camp after many years apart and without knowing each other’s existence. Determined never to separate again, they conceive a plan through which the roles are exchanged and they move to live in the place of the sister, with the intention of reuniting their parents again. Recommended age: +6 years


The Goonies (1985)

This adventure classic written by Chris Columbus and based on a story by Steven Spielberg, tells the adventures of a group of preadolescent friends who are looking for a lost treasure to save their people. Action, pirates, adventure and lots of humor in an essential film that for many of us is already cult movies. Recommended age: +8 years


Count on me (1986)

Another self-discovery film starring preadolescents, this time based on a novel by Stephen King. Directed by Rob Reiner (also director of the famous The Promised Princess or When Harry found Sally), in her four friends decide to undertake an adventure after one of them had heard about the place where the body of a boy of his age disappeared days ago. Great performances in a self-discovery film highly recommended to see with teenagers. Recommended age: +13 years


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