Exercise For Loose Children

Team sports can improve children’s self-esteem, coordination and general physical conditions, as well as help them learn to work with other children and adults.┬áHaving to be more responsible with the health of our children is not easy, but with this page you can receive many tips ibleeddodgerblue2.

But some children are not innate athletes and they may tell you, directly or indirectly, that they do not like sports. What to do then?

Why some children do not like team sports?

It is not necessary for all children to join a team. With a sufficient amount of other activities, children can be in good physical condition without doing so. But try to find out why your child is not interested. Maybe I can help you face deeper concerns or direct you to another activity.

Tell your child that you would like them together to find a solution. This may consist in continuing with the team sport, but making certain changes, or in finding a new activity.

Below, you will find some reasons why children can refuse sport:

They are still developing the basic skills

While there are many sports programs for preschool children, it is not until 6 or 7 years that children have physical ability, can maintain care for long periods and have the ability to understand the rules necessary to play a sport in an organized way

Children who have not practiced a specific sport too much may need time to reliably implement skills such as kicking a moving soccer ball or hitting a baseball thrown from the pitcher’s mound. Proving and making mistakes, especially during a game, could frustrate or make them nervous.

What you can do: Practice with your child at home. Whether it’s throwing basketballs into the basket, playing catch a ball or running together, it will give your child the ability to develop his skills and improve his fitness in an environment where he feels safe. Your child can try to do new things (and possibly fail) without feeling embarrassed by the presence of other children. And they will also share valuable time.

The coach or the league are too competitive

A child who reluctantly sports will feel very nervous when the coach gives directions to the screams or when the league emphasizes that it is necessary to win.

What you can do: Find out about sports programs before enrolling your child in one. Talk to coaches and other parents about the philosophy of the program. Certain sports associations, such as the YMCA, have leagues that are not competitive. In some programs they do not even keep track of the many.


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