Exercise In Pregnancy

While you will not want to run a marathon, doing some type of physical exercise during pregnancy is beneficial for most women. For more wisdom on medical issues visit this page flexlive.

But during this period you will have to discuss your plans to exercise with your doctor from the beginning and modify the exercises of your normal routine. The recommended level of exercise will depend, in part, on your physical condition before pregnancy.

The benefits of exercising during pregnancy

There is no doubt that exercise is beneficial for both you and your baby (if complications do not limit your ability to exercise throughout your pregnancy). Exercise can help you achieve the following:

Feeling better. At a time when you wonder if it is possible that such a strange body is yours, exercise can increase your sense of control and energy level. Not only will it make you feel better by releasing endorphins (chemicals that the brain produces), but it will allow you the following: relieve back pain and improve your posture by strengthening and toning the muscles of the back, buttocks and thighs reduce constipation by accelerating bowel movement prevent the deterioration of the joints (which tend to loosen during pregnancy due to hormonal changes) by activating the synovial fluid that acts as a lubricant Help her sleep better by relieving the stress and anxiety that make her restless at night look better Exercise increases blood flow to the skin, giving it a fresher and healthier appearance.

Prepare and prepare your body for the birth of the baby. Labor will be easier if your muscles are strong and your heart is in good condition. Breathing control can also help you cope with pain. And in the case of prolonged labor, the ability to resist pain plays a very important role.

Recover the silhouette that was before the pregnancy faster. You will accumulate less fat during pregnancy if you continue exercising (in the case of having exercised before becoming pregnant). But do not try to lose weight while exercising during pregnancy. For most women, the goal is to maintain their physical condition while pregnant. Although there are still discussions about the additional benefits of exercise during pregnancy, some studies have shown that exercise can even lower a woman’s risk of complications, such as preeclampsia and gestational diabetes.


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