Fire TV Cube from amazon

When Amazon officially announced its new Fire TV Cube, the device was simplified in the headlines such as a Fire TV Stick and an Amazon Echo horn tucked in a shiny black box. For more information about blog, technology and marketing issues, go to this website design-smash.

The fact that the Fire TV Cube could control a TV was almost a secondary note, and descriptions of those capabilities were often limited to turning the TV on and off, or turning the volume up and down. But, surprisingly, it turns out that Fire TV Cube is much more advanced than it was supposed to be.

It’s true that the Fire TV Cube places Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa on a Fire TV device for the first time, but thanks to HDMI CEC and an infrared emitter, this device makes you master of your entire entertainment system, including if it is complicated, using the power of your voice. And if this sounds great in theory, in practice it is much better than we expected. That’s just part of the reason why Amazon Fire TV Cube is our new favorite transmission box.


Amazon intelligently packages the Fire TV Cube in a completely recyclable envelope. In the box you will find the cube wrapped and protected with a plastic film. Try not to get rid of the coverage before reading the print configuration alert. Keep in mind that you will want to place the Fire TV Cube in a visible place, and at least 30 centimeters away from the TV speakers, so that the integrated microphones on the top of the speaker can easily distinguish the voice commands, about TV programming or music.

In the box you will find an Ethernet adapter. If you have a line internet connection it is better to use it, but it has integrated Wi-Fi, power cable, an IR Blaster with a very long cable, and a Fire TV voice remote control that includes new batteries.


Amazon does a great job of configuring the Fire TV Cube in the most intuitive and simple way possible. If you purchased it directly from Amazon using your account, then it should arrive already predetermined with your data. Otherwise, the setup wizard will ask for your Wi-Fi login credentials (if you do not use Ethernet), and then allow you to enter your Amazon account information.

Next, you’ll be asked to add any of the popular applications that Amazon thinks you could use, and while those applications are downloaded in the background, Fire TV Cube goes to work to learn about your entertainment system.

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