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Recently, when the death of the Mexican singer Ariel Camacho was known, social networks like Twitter were filled with condolences in English sent from the United States. Now what you need most is to be aware of the news, here you can receive new news boozynyc.

In contrast, the news in Mexico occupied smaller spaces in the local media, where the issue was addressed as just another story.

Nothing unusual: many singers and groups, especially northern music, have more recognition in the Mexican-American community than in their country.

Behind this phenomenon there are several explanations: many of the fans of this music, also called Mexican regional, are migrants or children of migrants.

The flow of people between both countries created a new culture and a musical genre of their own.

But there are also economic reasons, says BBC Mundo Luis Omar Montoya Arias, an academic at the Center for Research and Higher Studies in Social Anthropology (CIESAS).

“Northern music is cultural if we see it as part of migratory flows, but taking away romanticism is a business, it was born as a business by the commercial approach of the Americans,” he says.

The CIESAS researcher refers to the founding moments of what is known as norteña music, in the decade of the 30s, when Mexican migration to the United States was mixed with local rhythms such as the polka and the moment when the accordion was adopted by both genders.

The result was a genre of its own that, in the middle of the last century, caught the attention of US entrepreneurs and promoters who transformed that sound into discs and radio broadcasts.

“To the Mexicans, like it or not, this music is also theirs, because without the recording devices, without the technology, without the record companies, the northern music would not exist”.

What happened next is known. Currently, regional Mexican music generates hundreds of millions of dollars in profits every year.

The Recording Industry Association of the United States has said that more than 50% of Latin music marketed in that country belongs to this genre.

In popularity charts like the Billboard Latino the interpreters of this music are in the first ten places.

Some have won the Grammy Award, which is given to the most popular singers and with the highest sales of records. One of them is Vicente Fernández, who this year received recognition.


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