Problems Of The Samsung Galaxy Note 8

It’s expensive, but Samsung’s heavyweight in the smart phone division has a wide range of very attractive features.┬áTo enlarge your knowledge of technology and marketing issues you can read more in this internet site disavowp3p.

We are particularly impressed with its dual cameras, its elegant performance and the S Pen. However, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is not perfect. We have been looking in forums and we have found several problems of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 that, in our opinion, you need to know and discover, as well as the way to solve them.


We’ve seen a handful of reports in the Samsung forum and in the XDA developers forum on screens that do not respond. People discover that sometimes they can not scroll down notifications and, at other times, the taps are recorded without people touching the screen.

Alternative method:

The use of S Pen seems to work for most people, even when finger strokes do not work.

Potential solutions:

Make sure your fingers and the screen are clean and dry. If you have a box or screen saver, it could also be interfering. So try restarting your Note 8 by pressing and holding the power button and touching Restart. If the touch screen does not respond, press and hold down the Volume and Power keys for a few seconds until the Note 8 reboots.

It is also possible that an application is causing the problem. You can try this by turning off the Note 8. Hold down the Power key and touch the Power key. Then, once the cell phone is off, press and hold the Power key until you see the Samsung logo. Release the Power key and keep the key pressed to lower the volume.

You can release this key when you see Safe Mode on the screen. If the problem disappears in safe mode, you will know that an application is the cause and you will only have to search for it. Uninstall each application one by one and install them selectively. Just hold down the power key and touch Restart to exit safe mode.


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